Business and Personal Tax Preparation and Planning

The Internal Revenue Code is a constantly- moving target, and in order to be up to date on both current and potential future tax laws, we monitor changes constantly.  Some, but not all, of the considerations required in professional business and personal tax preparation include elections to accelerate or decelerate income and deductions, where possible.  This can be accomplished using various depreciation methods, through the selection of certain accounting methods, timing of capital expenditures, and timing of periodic expenses.  By considering these items and more, we can help you maximize opportunities to fully utilize lower tax brackets in less profitable periods and minimize tax costs in higher tax brackets during more profitable periods.  Proper planning clearly separates the tax preparers from the tax professionals.  Our professional tax preparation services include:

  • Corporate Forms 1120 and 1065s
  • Non-profit Form 990
  • Individual Form 1040
  • Gift Tax Form 706